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Movies like Rosemary's Baby?

By this I mean movies that have freaky horror-like plots, but don't have a ton of gore and are more suspenseful. (They can have some gore, I just want more of a really creepy movie rather than a gore-fest.

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    The Omen (1976 or 2006 remake)

    Rear Window (1954) which is similar to Disturbia (2007)

    The Shining (1980) is my favorite horror movie and has some blood but is not very gory, SUPER creepy though

    In the Mouth of Madness (1994) is a Lovecraftian movie about a man who goes insane while researching horror author H.P. Lovecraft - REALLY creepy

    Se7en (1995) about a serial killer who bases his murders on the 7 deadly sins.

    The Blair Witch Project (1999) of course

    Stir of Echoes (1999) - After being hypnotized by his sister in law, a man begins seeing haunting visions of a girl's ghost and a mystery begins to unfold around her.

    The Others (2001) which is a remake of The Innocents (1961) and is about a widow's creepy children.

    Signs (2002) is a Shyamalan movie about an alien invasion...has some really startling/creepy scenes and the soundtrack is fantastic.

    Secret Window (2004) is a pretty creepy Johnny Depp movie with a surprise ending

    The Skeleton Key (2005) - A hospice nurse working at a spooky New Orleans plantation home finds herself entangled in a mystery involving the house's dark past.

    The Descent (2005) is about subterranean creatures living in an undiscovered cave system...it is a little gory but quite suspenseful and freaky as well...get the rated version if worried about gore.

    The Fourth Kind (2009) is about an unsolved mystery in Alaska, where one town has seen an extraordinary number of unexplained disappearances during the past 40 years.

    You might enjoy The X-Files TV series and 1998 movie...lots of freaky supernatural elements in there...available on Netflix.

    Also the TV show American Horror Story, which is available on Netflix.

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    Audrey Rose


    Don't Look Now



    The Omen

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    whilst the action picture became first released in 1968, I remember people commenting on how life like Mia Farrow's walk (her "waddle") became for a woman who wasn't incredibly 8 to 9 months pregnant. yet, all kidding aside, it became a sturdy action picture, notably the ending. P.S.--it is not worry-free to believe that it particularly is now a 40 365 days-previous action picture!

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    You might like Stir of Echoes (1999) starring Kevin Bacon.


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