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Marijuana jobs /military drug test?

So im a little confused on the subject im 17 and i wanna join the navy after a 2 year collehe and ive done a little marijuana here and there and i was wondering for a job / military urine test say u were clean for about a couple of months and u decided to quit and passed the test but if they know u did marijuana before will they hold that agaisnt you? Cause i like doing it cause it helps with stress and things and it seems to help with my homework but i dont want it to ruin my life and my goals and dreams

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    Stay out of the military. With your selfish, me first attitude, I don't want you doing anything even remotely related to our armed forces.

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    It can be the identical thought, i knew quite a lot of men and women who received away with utilising and most of the time they'd piss the entire company but just a few are sent out for trying out. Just be cool with the piss nco and he would provide you with a heads up on drug trying out!

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    Its all falling apart.

    Obama is doing a great job collapsing the USA.

    And the dumb-bells in hollywodd love him for it.


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