Why do vets differ in opinion of cats neutering ages?

We've been to four different vets thus far. One of them was dead against the neutering of a male cat at 2 months, saying its premature and equivalent to performing a hysterectomy on a child. Another vet said there's nothing wrong with it and hes performed neuter surgeries in two month old kitties.

So what's the deal?

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    That "six month" rule was established over 20 years ago when anesthesia's weren't as safe as they are today. The early neuter and spay - called a pediatric alter - has been safely done in the US for over 20 years. Vets who deny this are really behind the times, and make me wonder what else they haven't stayed current with. A male cat has their testicles descended at about 8 weeks - it's NOT performing a hysterectomy on a child, for goodness' sake. Many vets, quite frankly, don't want to be *bothered* with altering young animal. The surgery requires nimble fingers and some effort at dexterity. For females it requires the purchase of a small spay hook. Some vets are willing to do this, and others are not. The ones who are NOT often site ridiculous statements like this.

    These old school vets we see are often the ones who still give annual vaccines (even though the new protocols are every three years), don't prescribe pain medications, don't recommend dentals, and routinely declaw. Not the kind of vet that I'd be wanting to use for one of my pets.

    Source(s): many years of cat rescue (and getting young kittens spayed and neutered)
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    Hello How old must a cat be when taken to a brand new residence? 6, eight, eleven or extra weeks? Eight or extra weeks And when should it's taken from it is mom? When will have to the pet shops buy them from their mothers?? Same reply as above I also would hope you might keep in mind an older cat over three years historical from a shelter. Kittens get adopted if you happen to did this, you could possibly be saving a life Is it better to get the cat declawed, or have it as it's, and buy various scratching posts for it? My mom does not want it scratching her furniture, but I've heard that this surgery also makes the cat's paws damage. Which is the first-class alternative? Declawing is considered mutilation. The claw is a part of the paw in many instances even the vets don't do it and let their assitants do it. It's incredibly painful additionally it is unlawful in many countries to declaw. Unfortunatly that is not the case right here Is it higher to get a cat neutered, or no longer? If that is so, when? Yes it is after 8 weeks. Additionally many vets will promote a couple of years of vaccinations and their is controversy over whether or not that is the right method to do things. I believe that 1 set of vaccinations is enough for a cat's full lifestyles Is a closed litter box or open litter field better for a cat? I take advantage of an open one How long should it be earlier than it is alright for the cat to be left on my own for a night? Whatever the time, it isn't a obstacle What toys are compatible for a cat this age? Anything with catnip for a treat. Strings small balls and stuff like which are first-class. Please, regardless what you hear, feed canned meals that do not have gravy and have muscle meat as the first ingrediant. Fancy feast is a nice center grade food

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    Well the first vet was probably an older one and clueless to the fact that most shelters spay at around eight weeks and have been so for years and years. It's actually EASIER on the kitten the younger it is. It's ridiculous to wait till six months like some idiot vets (and far too many people) do. Kittens can reach sexual maturity as young as FOUR MONTHS.

    I think it's shameful that some shelters are still handing out unaltered kittens on the promise they'll be altered "when old enough". FAR too many kittens are ending up pregnant because people "didn't know" they could get pregnant that young or they're just not bothering to keep their promise with the shelter and breeding them anyway.

    If you want to learn the FACTS read the articles below:





    edit: "I would avoid neutering a kitten that young as they dont take to the anesthesia as well which increases their chances of dying on the table, they have a weak immune system" really hate when people make statements like this without any backup. These comments are BULL! As long as a kitten weighs two pounds and is healthy it's far better to do the surgery early as they have less muscle tissue and hence LESS chance of ending up bleeding out on the operating table. It's SAFER not more dangerous.

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    I have encountered both sets of thinking and neither is wrong. I have taken many kittens at 2 months or 2 lbs to be fixed at an Animal sanctuary in So Cal and it was fine. They do it to keep the kittens from eventually having babies. These kittens were orphaned foster kittens I was giving to be adopted out. As long as the people in charge know what they are doing, it doesn't really matter how early you have it done. I would do it before 5 months!

    Source(s): 35 years of cats and kittens
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    Because like anyone, they are people, they have varying opinions and sometimes different information depending on how recent their qualifications are.

    Its general preference vs experience.

    I would avoid neutering a kitten that young as they dont take to the anesthesia as well which increases their chances of dying on the table, they have a weak immune system still which means they are more prone to infections and wont be able to fight it off as well...etc etc

    I personally wouldnt neuter at all unless I had female cats.

    I dont see why we have to mutilate our pets if they live alone.

    But if you insist, wait until the cat is at least 4 months old.

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    Shelters wanted to be able to pass out kittens earlier so them and some vets are quicker to call early neutering justified. But the issues with development are still the same.

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    I haved raised cats all my life and my vet always said the male cats mature later. He suggested females be fixed at 6 months and males at 9 months. I have heeded his advice and never had a problem.

    Source(s): raised cats my entire life
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