my kingston 4 gb flash drive wont delete folders?

i want to wipe clean everything!


The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -1407).

thats the error Amit

Update 2:

support im using a mac i dont know how to do that with this

Update 3:

and there is no format option when i right click on the usb icon

Update 4:

ah myu

aand you never fail me. thanks love:)

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago
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    Are you using Windows or that apple thingy? If it's apple try this

    Youtube thumbnail

    If you're using windows and there's no format option, private message me cuz you may need to use partedmagic

  • Amit
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    What happens?

    Errors; if so what errors?

    Nothing happens?

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