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Please help me on my school problem?

Please help me on why i am doing poorly in school...?

I used to be in the top 1% in my high school ( my school is very competitive with over 3500 high school) most of them are Asians. I was rank 19 in my grade out out of 1000. My freshman and somphmore years went pass easily with many AP classes. People use to admire me. however, in my junior years. I noticed I got really bad teachers and my grade drop from high 98+% to in the 60s in AP Physics... I do not know why. I am in a upper math class than most people, but my grades drop about 30 points since last year. I also lost attention in reading my textbook since I feel like no matter how much I study, I will continue to fail. I do however read the textbook I never given up. I sleep in almost all my classes because I was tired doing the homework from the previous night. I have noticed that many people who dont study has higher grades than me.. This is the first time ever in school which i used to enjoy, suddenly pushed me deeper and deeper into helll. Please give me something inspiring to help me return to my normal self like last year.

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    1.U r Intelligent,that will not change..

    2.Your interest or priorities have changed.

    3.If it is interest,by the things u have mentioned , u don't have a good opinion about your teachers.This can cause a loss of motivation.Concentrate only on the subject and not on how they are.Because it's only u and what u have learned is going to matter in the end.

    4.If it is not this reason,the analyze yourself,Why u have changed so much and what has your interest right now.

    5.Prioritize what's important for U.

    6.Always have a fixed schedule for Ur Study.

    7.Practice without any gap.

    8.Meditate if possible and go for a walk in early mornings(This will relieve a lot of stress from U).

    Pray to God.U will be Okay.

    God bless U.

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