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Is preschool a definite necessity? Is it hard for most kids to catch up in Kindergarten w/o it?

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    No, preschool is not a definite necessity for your child. The child is at a disadvantage when they attend kindergarten especially if they have limited experiences in the learning processes. In preschool the child is exposed to edcuational setting, critical thinking open-ended questions, pre-writing and reading skills. The preschool does assessments and also individualizes with the child. In preschool the child has exposure to all learning processes. they also learn and adhire to daily schedule, if the child has special needs referrals are done and components are aware and the child needs are met. This advantage is vital and important, when the child reaches Kindergarten they will have services in place and referrals may be sent to residence Kidergarten. When the child goes to kindergarten the child that attended preschool has the advantage over a child who has not been in a educational setting. If the child has not been exposed to pre-writing and literacy skills, critical thinking, open-ended questions when that child goes to Kindergarten they are learning new process, where as the child who attended preschool is reviewing and has the advantage over the child who have been exposed to this already know the colors, shapes, numbers, alphabets, has self help skills this child is behind, The assessments that we do we also tell the parents what to work with the children on @ home to be ready for kindergarten. But, many children who do not go to preschool have parents who work with them @ home and they are find the only thing they may be lacking is socialization, and interactions with others.

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    I don't know why some people have the idea that kindergarten is play.

    In most states kindergarten is highly academic and kids are expected to do lots of reading, writing, and math sorts of activities. Gone are the days where K is about play unless you send your child to a private K which uses Reggio or something like that.

    If you intend to skip preschool which is fine, work with your kid at home.

    They should know the letters of the alphabet upper and lower case by name, basic numbers 1-10, and be able to sit and listen to a story before going to K. Some school districts have even higher expectations than this. Give them lots of experiences with cutting things out, drawing, joining groups of kids like at library story time, etc. They will also need to have been in a play group for social interaction if you are skipping preschool.

  • 8 years ago is NOT a necessity.......and KINDERGARTEN is for learning interaction and social skills.

    If your child has some of that before Kindergarten.....GREAT.........but it's not like he's gonna fail at Blocks or House playing or something.

    It really depends what sort of home enviornment the child has. I knew a toddler once, and all the grown ups around her talked to her like an adult. No baby talk.....just straight up, adult talk, and they listened when she talked......not brushed her aside like an annoyance.

    The kid was two and half years old, and gave my father a LECTURE about smoking and how bad it was for him. She was smart as a whip.

    I know other 5 year olds........whose parents plunk them down in front of the tv all day, and allow them to watch violent programs like Pokemon and Yugioh, and Power Rangers and all they know how to do is FIGHT and use more FORCE and POWER to get what they want.

    Age, or preschool has nothing to do with's how they are being raised at home.

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    We did not bother with preschool. We worked with ours at home, and participated in many community programs. They all adjusted well to school. (and by 4th grade, there is no real difference academically with kids who went to preschool vs kids who did not go to preschool)(sure, score might be a bit better, but this does not mean your child is Harvard material. Those 'improved scores' are just a few points ahead on the average scale.)

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    We did not have pre-school when I was young. We just went straight to infant school between 4 1/2 AND 5.

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    No it is not necessary, and so long as the child can meet and play with other children, and the child's daily play and experiences develop his / her language skills, then there will be little difference.

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    No, its not a definite necessity. You will need to homeschool your child though to ensure that he is still prepared for school in the future.

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