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How to preform a presentation if you have severe anxiety?

Okay, so sometimes this week my chemistry teacher is making all his students do independent presentations in front of the class. (Our class alone has over forty students.)

I've been feeling kind of edgy about this, I have severe anxiety and panic disorder, so its not easy for me to communicate with people I don't feel comfortable with. I'm afraid that I'll have an anxiety attack while I'm doing my presentation. I am known to get very red-faced when facing panicky situations, I also stutter and shake violently. If I get up to do my presentation and stutter and shake I'm sure to have a panic attack.

Now, my teacher is aware I'm awfully shy and have anxiety. But he thinks this is just a 'teenage phase'. (Little does he know I see a psychiatrist every week for this condition.) And keeps telling me I need to get over it. I only take medication for mild paranoia, not anxiety, so taking pills wont decrease my chances of having an meltdown while presenting.

My question is, does anyone have advice? Have any of you gone through this before, and what tips can you share? Are there any quick home remedies I can use to calm myself down?

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!

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    Tips for doing a presentation

    Know your subject matter really well and practice reading to your dog or just out loud to yourself ahead of time.

    Look over the heads of the class at a point on the wall in the back of the room. The class will think you are looking at them, and the teacher will think you are looking at your audience.

    Don't notice any reaction from the class. Their reaction doesn't matter, but it might make you feel more nervous.

    Concentrate on what you are saying rather than how you are saying it.

    Don't try to keep from stuttering as that will make you stutter more. If you stutter, just let it happen.

    Maintain a steady pace, not too fast, and don't get in a hurry to "get it over with."

    Speak in a relaxed manner and pause every so often.

    Start into words easily keeping your lips, tongue, and jaw relaxed.

    Realize that stuttering occurs more often when you are trying NOT to stutter, when you are under stress, and when you are tired.

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    As a stutterer myself, I've learnt that there are certain things that you should let certain people know. Your teacher thinks that its a phase thing. You need to confidentially and privately inform him/her that you stutter and have panic attacks. Try some chamomile tea. It will help you sleep and relax you for your presentations.

    Practice, Practice, Practice. Imagine that you're presenting to someone you feel comfortable with and on the day, follow the same process. When giving effective presentations, it requires you to momentarily look at your audience. Choose a few spot on the wall or table or one or two friends and momentarily focus on these spots or people throughout your presentation. Trust me it works. Talk slowly and deliberately. Have you ever heard a senator or a head of state speak quickly?

    Furthermore, there are a lot of actors and actresses who stutter. Check out stuttering foundation link below.

    One final note: don't think that'll ruin your life, I hold a BSc in Computing and I currently have been working for almost the last two years in a job where I have to interact with, tutor people and explain issues.

    Cheers, hope I was helpful..

    Feel free to PM me.

    Source(s): www.stutteringhelp.org/
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    Just try not to think about the people there and focus solely on your presentation. If you new to, instead of making eye contact with people just stare at the back wall because to the teacher it looks like you're looking around the room. Also, knowing your information in your speech by heart can really be a boost to your confidence so practice as much as possible. You may try doing it in front of a mirror or a friend. Another good thing to remember is everyone is going to be just about as nervous as you so don't think everyone will be judging you. And remember, if you look good, you'll feel good, so try to snazz it up a bit. Hope this helps.

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    I know exactly how you feel; every time I have to give a public presentation I get so nervous, I stumble over my words, I don't make any eye contact, and I feel like crying. I feel like people think what I am saying is stupid. If you can, I would try to ask the teacher if you could present it to him privately. If he says no,I would just really plan out what you're going to say..that way you think about what your next sentence is that you have to say instead of trying to think of something to say. I find that the more you practice what you are going to say, the less nervous you are. This really works for me and I have severe anxiety problems. Good luck!:)

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