When can I take a CLEP test?

I'm in High School, but graduate soon. Am I allowed to take it before college, or do I need to wait until I get accepted, or during? Also, is there study guides for it?

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    8 years ago
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    Hi Brian,

    Here's a list of testing centers near you:

    Be sure to call around because test administration fees will range between $20-50. Remember not only do you have the $80 exam fee, but the admin fee paid directly to the test site.

    To answer your question, no you do not need to wait. ANY body can take ANY exam. Although I would recommend waiting so you can send your test scores directly to the school to be applied to your transcript. If you don't have the scores sent to your desired college on the exam day or if you send them to the school but they discard them because you're not an accepted student, then you will have to pay to have the scores resent.

    Also, one thing I tell high school students is make sure you check your college's website to verify 1. they accept CLEP, 2. they accept the CLEP exam you intend to take, and 3. it will count towards you degree program. You can usually do this by doing simple search for CLEP on your colleges website.

    Last, here's a good starting site to direct your CLEP studies ->

    Good luck,


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  • 8 years ago

    You can take it right now. visit CLEP's website for a list of places that you can take them. You have to call and register with the test site.

    Source(s): took 2 CLEP tests while in high school
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