Law questions on dating restrictions?

What is considered satutory rape? (Like actual penetrative sex only, or what?)

Can someone under the age of 18 date an 18 year old? (With permission from BOTH sets of parents, and not having sex. If so, what is the youngest the person under the age of 18 can be in the state of Rhode Island?)

If someone under the age of 18 dated an 18 year old, would they be allowed to kiss? Or would that be illegal?

And no, I'm not dating an 18 year old

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  • 8 years ago
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    Statutory Rape applies to anyone who molests/ has sex with a child of 12 years or below, consensual or not. Punishable up to Reclusion Perpetua or life imprisonment. Well, here in the Philippines at least.

    Anyone age 15 or below are exempt from any criminal liability. 16-17 year olds are likewise exempted, but are subject to rehabilitation programs.

    Source(s): Philippines Revised Penal Code
  • 8 years ago

    Depends where you are located. Many states have an age of consent, which means you can soley choose to have sex with anyone over the age of eighteen and the person cannot be held to stagatory rape. In South Carolina, the magical number is sixteen.

    Source(s): When I was seventeen my mother tried to press charges against a man whom I was dating and having sex with was quite a few years older than me but it did not happen because I was at the age of where I could legally consent to sex on my own with any aged person.
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    8 years ago

    The term "statutory rape" is used in some legal jurisdictions to refer to sexual activities in which one person is below the age required to legally consent to the behavior.[1] Although it usually refers to adults engaging in sex with minors under the age of consent,[1]

    Rhode Island § 11-37-6

    Third-degree sexual assault for anyone over age 18 to engage in sexual penetration with someone over age 14 and under age 16

    Up to five years in prison

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    8 years ago

    Dating and kissing is fine, but not sex, the eighteen year old would be In a lot of trouble

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