Has anyone else thought they might be pregnant with the Mirena IUD?

I have the mirena IUD in and have recenty been haveing some pregnancy symtoms. I have been nausous, dizzy, been haveing headaches, all the symptoms i experiences with my first pregnancy. I crave certain things and just have an over all feeling of being pregnant. I have had the mirena in for over a year and last week had some slight bleeding. At first I had periods every month just like a regular menstration but now they have stopped completely except for the light bleeding i had off and on last week for 2 days.. HELP please I need answers...Has anyone else had this or been pregnant on mirena? what was the outcome!!


Also the strings are in place, but have been having some minor cramping/uncomfrtableness lately..not really pain..Any experience with this would be very helpful.

Update 2:

@ Punky Baby I have had it in for over a year and havent experienced this until now...I shouldnt be getting nausous all of a sudden everyday for the last two months..this should not be happening!! I feel kicking every now and then but not recently however the nausea is getting worse. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow hopefully i will find out then..

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  • 8 years ago
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    Chances of getting pregnant on it is .03% I've had mine for 4mo now and have had like the same thing but my cramp feeling is in my back and spotting. I believe its normal. I only had heartburn when I was pregnant but Ive gotten it a few times since I had my baby and still get phantom kicks. Really not likely to be pregnant tho.

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  • 8 years ago

    My husband's cousin got pregnant on Mirena..so its possible. I'm not sure how safe it is for the fetus though.

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