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What should I start with first. The air filter, or spark plugs and wires?

I have a 1999 mitubishi mirage with over 200,00 miles on it. The car has recently started to "choke". Driving up to 40 miles an hour it starts to run sluggish and acts like it wants to stall. I know the air filter is dirty, but I'm wondering what else could make the car run like that. I may have a leaky valve cover and a little oil deposit under one of my spark plugs. Witch one of these would make the car run sluggish. I'm not trying to get my car to win any races. Just want to get to work and back.

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    All of the above. High mileage means its time to give it a little TLC. Air filter if clogged enough will cause your engine to not start. Old plug wires will arc and cause poor to no spark at the plug. Old plugs with an eroded electrode will hamper your ignition. If none of these help than read the codes with a scanner. Hope this helps.

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    Hey it sounds like a restricted fuel filter, you will usually notice a fuel filter problem with car sluggish on hills or under strain pulling out onto highway etc. first warnings. On your vehicle the fuel filter is located under the hood on the driver side firewall if I remember correctly if you are handy with cars you can do it yourself just loosen the lines before you unbolt the bracket get an old towel to catch the gas that will leak it may even spray a little when you first loosen the lines so be careful and keep the towel handy and your face back

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