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How to survive being the new kid?

I'm moving to a public school next week for the first time. How can I survive being the new kid?

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    You can't. Not possible. KIds are very wary of having someone new around them. Best to take your time by being friendly but not expecting instant results.

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    ive been the new kid before(twice;) im natural not super outgoing, but im not that shy either. so to start i just scoped things out. i guesse i stayed pretty quiet. then i started hanging out with some kids i liked in my class at lunch. i found some friends and things just progressed naturally. but if your more outgoing, then that will help. kids like people who are outgoing and fun. be nice. it usally only takes about a month of transition. and make sure to be as confident as possible. people are way less likely to make fun or be mean to confident people:) and good luck at your new school:D

    answer mine pls?


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    be polite and respectful to everybody

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