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Help! I feel insecure around boys?

I have a boyfriend but I'm insecure around boys. I'm 17 and my breast size is already a 42DDD. I'm really toned so I'm not a fatty if thats what you're thinking. Some people call me a s.!.u.t. When I play sports I know they bounce even with my bra. Coed volleyball and cross country is the worst cause the boys are looking at me. My boyfriend is really sweet and tells me not to worry about it. But I don't want to be a sex object, I'm not that kinda girl. Guys are always trying to get me to cheat or telling me I'm beautiful. I know I'm beautiful and I know I have big boobs. I have a boyfriend. Please help? :(

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    Clara, so you asked, " Help! I feel insecure around boys" And I'm sorry you are feeling insecure about your breasts. You shouldn't be embarrassed about being unique and special.

    And maybe you do not believe this is true but YOU are one of a kind, and a very rare and unique girl. Your boobs are absolutely beautiful and perfect. You sound like you have a great body, you're thin and curvy and in great shape.

    I get very angry when I hear that people call you a s.!.u.t. just because you have big beautiful boobs, like how does that translate to you being a s.!.u.t.?

    What I found helps is to change the way YOU Perceive Yourself. See you can't stop people from looking at your boobs. It's human nature to look. You probably do the same thing. People stare and look at things that are different and beautiful, like a very tall person, a chipped tooth, two different colored eyes, a beautiful dog, a pretty face or a handsome boy. Do you see what I'm saying. And you are different, unusual and beautiful. Among your friends you are probably the only girl that is slender and 42DDD. Hence you're very different, very unique And Very Beautiful so people look at you And your Boobs. And though you don't think so, they're thinking OMG!, WOW!, she's Awesome. But they can't help it, it's human nature. So that's why I say YOU have to change the way You feel about Yourself. Cause you cant' change human nature.

    To change the way you feel about yourself you kind of have to put yourself in a state-of-mind where you imagine you're a super-model or even a celebrity and everyone can't help but look how awesome you are. Or try the bodybuilder mentality trick. Have you ever noticed how guys with big muscles are so cocky like "Hey look at me, I'm all that"? They don't run and hide and say "Boo-Hoo, everyone's looking at my big muscles, that makes me feel self-conscience." NO they flaunt it. So be like a tough guy show off your "Big Girl Muscles" and put those people in their places who dis' you. And if guys are creepy, use the power in your big boobs and intimidate them and put them in their place.

    Keep your Head-up, Boobs Up & Out Front, good posture and a Positive and Powerful "I've Got the Boobs and you don't Attitude"

    And when people stare just think to yourself "your damn right I got big boobs" Everyone will respect you when you have this strong confident attitude.

    Remember there is a lot of POWER in your Big Boobs. Guys and girls alike want them. And you have them. And if YOU Have What People Want, YOU Hold the Power. So don't wimp out. BE POWERFUL.

    Oh, and read what the models have to say they're very inspirational. And Bravissimo has pretty bras and clothes in large sizes D-JJ cups. And so does Pepperberry. they say; " Pepperberry is a new fashion brand with a simple philosophy: clothes designed with your boobs in mind!" Choose from Curvy, Really Curvy or Super Curvy.

    One last thing; a 42DDD sounds kinda wide banded for a slender girl unless you have a wide muscular back. And as for the bouncing try the shockabsorber bra.

    Good Luck and Power to the Boobies!!

    Rock your "Girl Muscles"

    You can do it, Be Strong Again!

    Be Awesome!!

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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    Welcome to the world of sexual instinct. The only think you can really do is realise that guys are always going to check you out, and most guys will approach you purely due to sexual attraction; it's just a way of life and especially in our generation where sexual conquest is an objective of so many men, it won't be easy.

    You are not a sex object, just because guys may see you like that does not make you one; you need to realise that your perception of yourself should not stem from people's perception of you, you know yourself better than anyone and you need to stand by that and affirm yourself and other people's view of you won't matter.


    You can't run away from men, so you need to be yourself and forget about it because the fact that you are beautiful, should give you the confidence to walk over tools which will come from all directions. They are sex objects because their sexual frustration lend all their efforts towards you and you should realise that this only makes you better than them.

    Goodluck dear.

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    Dont reduce ur boob size ur fine how u are god created everyone the way he wanted let it be cover ur breast more maybe as a guy ro be i kno its hard to get off it im sorry but men are just wired like that

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    Talk to your doctor about having breast reduction surgery (paid for!). You can't go on like this. It is too unfair.

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