Why is this handgun posture wrong?


I see people in James Bond and other action movies hold a handgun like this a lot, and recently I saw a documentary briefly saying that holding one this way is dangerous without giving an explanation. So why is it?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Unless you are shooting ducks, it's kind of useless. And, if the gun goes off by accident, the recoil will put in in your face - rather forcefully.

    Basically, you want to point it at whatever you need to shoot at. Holding it up means you need time to react - time that could get you killed if the other guy's gun is pointed at you.

  • 8 years ago

    IF, that broken link shows the side ways method or gangsta-hold? It's stupid.

    1. Sights are placed on top for a reason

    2. A practiced gun man knows his firearm.

    3. Each hand gun has a natural tendency to kick UP and the bullet will tend right. Caliber dependent.

    4. You compensate, at times, by firing a tad low and left.

    5. The sight picture places the front sight centered even with the rear split sight opening. The target is just above the plane of this sight picture.

    This means that you can not attain a proper sight to target line up pointing sideways. The fired gun will also tend to sheer severely to the left. When fired right handed. Because you are holding in a manner that assures the arm will tend to make that bend. Potentially you could smack yourself right in the face with the recoil.

    Faced with such an opponent stupid enough to use the sideways aim hold? I would drop and move to my left. As his shot WILL be moving to my right and UP. Meanwhile I'd be punching holes in him square in the chest and moving towards the head shot.

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  • 8 years ago

    that link doesnt show anything it just says not found put it up again

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