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How to get back to my natural hair color?!?

Ok well this summer in July 2012, I dyed my hair red, almost like ariana grande's red color! I didn't dye it again until a few months later when i realized the color was supposed to have faded, when it didnt. I just dyed a dark brown over it, but my hair looked exactly the same. I then tried again a few weeks later, and still no results. I really wanted the red out and then went to a hair salon and asked them to bring me back to my natural hair color (Medium Golden Brown) and completely take the red out. My results from that left me with my hair looking black. I was so upset!! a few weeks later (now) my hair has lightened a bit, but now it is a dark brown with a red tint!! i want the red OUT!! i want back to my natural hair color!! HELP!

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    You can NOT get the red out of your hair very easily.

    It'll take a LONG time, believe me I had red hair for over a year. The red hair dye stains your natural hair so no matter what, you'll be stuck with the warmer tones.

    For starters, try to keep washing the color out of your hair by using vitamin C mixed with dish washing soap. Leave that on your hair for about an hour. Rinse it out and use a deep conditioner.

    Schedule an appointment with a hair stylist. She'll probably have to bleach your hair, tone it, then use a brown hair dye. Just warning you, brown hair dye looks 100 times darker when it's first dyed, but it'll fade out. You really can't get your natural color back, but you can probably get close to it.

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    The only way to get rid of the red is to color your hair with a color that has a green undertone. For instance, when going to pick out a golden brown color but with a green undertone, the box would say something like this: 7g. The 7 meaning golden brown and " g " meaning green. Green is the opposite of red and is the only thing that will completely cancel it out. If you put other colors on top of the red, it will still have that red tint to it.

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    Color Oops and other dye removers try to reverse all unwanted colours (like black and red), but you'll be left having to redye your hair its natural colour. Either way, red always fades, even if it doesn't go away completely. Just know that from now on, use cool colours (ash browns and blondes) to keep the red tones away.

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    Try color oops! You might have to use it a few times but it took permanant black out of my hair. You can also go to a different hair stylist...some don't actually do it right. Also dawn dish soap helps. Lemon juice and sun, or sun in(by hair stuff at stores) with a hair dryer.

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    Well you could of jad the color lifted i dyed my hair a couple times and afterwords had it lifted but i think you might have to wait this color out. Sorry about that.

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