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Why do people always feel sorry for a bullied teen, when its Too Late?

Its so sad when I see teens take their own life because of bullying in high school and now teens are bullied in college. But what troubles me, is that people always feel bad after the teen has taken their own life. But when that teen was in pain, no one cared or seemed to notice. Why is the world so hypocritical?

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    I totally get you and the only answer i can come up with is that when that person is beening bullied the people dont think she/ he will actually take there life til its to late:/

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    I know why. Those bullies are all scared of one thing: losing their social level in high school/college. It's not just them; It's everyone. A high school jock who bullies a nerd would never help or feel sorry for them. Sometimes they really want to help. But they won't. Why? Because it will make them look bad. It makes them uncool. They are scared of losing their popularity level in school.

    There is this one guy at my school, he's secretly gay. He has girls following him around because he is successful, plays football for the school, etc. He picks on other gays. Why? He doesn't want others to realize he is one too. If he did, he'd lose his popularity in 1 week tops. He will become depressed, suicidal, lost, forgotten, all for being good. When it's too late, the bully usually pities the kid because of how he was just protecting him self.

    Bullies aren't really evil. They just don't want to be bullied themselves.In a way, they are defending themselves. The more they bully, the more tough and sure they are of themselves. It increases their popularity level around other bullies.

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    I always thought about this too, it's worse that now they "care" when it's too late. people just don't understand that everyone is different and what certain things might have no effect on them (such as bullying) it does tremendously on others.

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