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Do I write in the topic of my choice in my Common App essay?

I chose the "Topic of Your Choice" option for the Common App and I am wondering if I'm supposed to write what my topic is in my essay like a title.

Do I just upload the essay by itself? Or is there a format I should follow?


The topic of my choice is "Why I do Art" - all the schools I'm applying in the Common App are art schools.

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    Thats pleasant so long as you dont point out the schools identify within the essay and ensure you dont reply the essay query, however state it so that you dont need the question in front of you to figure it out. Be certain that you simply ship that institution that gave the essay topic one other essay if they ask for your private one or the tuition app until the specify that you simply only ought to write tht one (some require supplements which means they need you to have two or more essays)

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    8 years ago

    I don't think a title is crucial. You might preface the paper by writing OPEN TOPIC in all caps.

    The bigger question I have is whether it's too late to change your topic.

    The "topic of your choice" papers tend to wander around a lot.

  • 8 years ago

    Put 'Topic of Your Choice: INSERT TITLE HERE'

    Every writer knows that a paper must alwaaaaays have a title :)

    Make your title more... fun? It lacks originality

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