Will drinking protein shakes be beneficial for a 13 year old?

Please explain pros and cons about this idea you think about 13 year olds drinking protein shakes. If you think it is a great idea, what do you suggest I drink (What brands, flavors, etc) Also, from your personal experiences, what shakes did you think gave out great results? If you can, please put citations about your statement(s). It will be much appreciated. Thank you. God bless you all. Aight, bet.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Protein shakes are completely safe. I was skeptical about this to when i was your age but they are completely safe. Nothing to be afraid of.

    There are different types of protein shakes there's one made out of whey and soy protein both NATURAL ingredients. whey is better stay away from soy. Whey protein is found in cheese. If you have cheese at home look at the nutrition label and read the ingredients(it says whey). Protein shakes have no side effects. Only side effect i know of is if your lactose intolerant. If your lactose intolerant, get a whey isolate protein.

    Seriously any brand is good. For years i've been with Gold standard optimum whey protein, but now I take Dymatize whey protein.

    Protein shakes are only SUPPLEMENTS. They supplement you with protein lol. There not some kind of steroid that gets you huge. People that lack knowledge about protein shakes usually get steroids and protein shakes mixed up and assume protein shakes are unsafe

  • lou
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    4 years ago

    That's now not short for your age. I know two 15 12 months olds, one is your peak, one is one inch taller (5'1"). Do not let your peak trouble you. You will grow, and peak would not exchange you as a man or woman. Be a good kid, get just right grades and get a just right profession, then you'll be all set. Top is not the whole thing. -Scott.

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