Is it okay to drill into a wall in order to hang a fixture even if it is the exterior wall of the building?

I live in an apartment in San Francisco with my friend. It was erected in the early 1920s. I want to install a pot rack in the kitchen which is also one of the exterior walls of the building. It's made of either brick or concrete. For whatever reason, my friend seems to think that by drilling four screws into the wall in order to attach my pot rack, I will in exchange be damaging the building or increasing its chances of downfall or leakage or some other excuse. While it's true I have little experience drilling into any kind of wall, I find this to be dramatic. So I am in search of the correct answer! Can I drill into the wall? (Any links on how/what hardware is preferred is very welcome.)

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  • 8 years ago
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    Most houses in the UK are plasterboarded over the exterior brick wall. So in order to mount things like tv's we have to drill through the plasterboard and into the brickwork (obviously the plasterboard is not strong enough on its own). In many of the old houses such as mine (1920) there are no metal beams or insulation between the brick and plasterboard, therefore it not uncommon for TV's to be mounted using the outside brickwall (as generally internal walls are just plasterboard or similar rubbish).

    Despite this and the Mild summers, wet and cold winters we have no reported cases that I know of where houses have been damaged by this everyday practice.

    In my house the TV is fixed to the chimney breast brickwork, the shower to the outside brickwork, and all my curtains poles are fixed using the outside wall as the internal wall is weak (though not plasterboard).

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    Where you might have tried to drill the holes, now are attempting making use of an HSS metallic bit, if it goes in then you will have a metallic lintel, make good the gap with filler and use self tapping screws to suit the gap you've made. Commonly though, if it's a reinforced concrete lintel, it's the devils own job to get into it with a percussion drill (which is the natural diy house person drill), an sds drill and bit goes in like a knife by means of butter. If it turns out to be a concrete lintel discover a friend with an sds to borrow :-)

  • 8 years ago

    Yes, but into the MORTAR, not the brick.

    Go to a REAL hardware store and tell them what you're doing. They'll have the bit, and maybe the drill you need

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