Does he like me or should I give up?

He teases, me talks to me most of the time, he would always wear my glasses and take my stuff for fun, we hang out with each other mostly everyday at school in the after school program sometimes sits next to me, and he always likes to scare me and we joke around with each other ALOT. I don't really like hugs cuz personal stuff (whole different story) but he loves hugs so he hugs people. he knows i don't like it so he doesn't hugs me so when we see each other we like to tut(a kind of dance with your fingers and arms). He might like this girl (she doesn't go to our school) he gave her a nickname cuz she watches jersey shore and she loves snooki but idk what the nickname is. he would call her talented beautiful and smart on fb and she would reply as a "lmao thxsss" I feel like they're going out I don't want to ask cuz then he'll be suspicious and on fb they'll involve each other in statuses. Makes me feel really sad :'( Got some advice? Hopefully this isn't too long

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  • 8 years ago
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    I like you

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