Can a seventeen year old claim themselves on taxes?

I live in Indiana. I pay my car payment, car insurance, gas money, and buy my own lunch at school and eat dinner at work all but one night a week. Therefore I am paying for everything by myself. I will be going to college next fall and need to start applying for grants filling out the FAFSA etc. and if I can claim myself on taxes I will get more grants since I will be paying for that myself. Is it possible for my mom to not claim me and me claim myself?

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  • Bobbie
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    8 years ago
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    You are only paying for some of your personal things that you want for your own use at this time in your life. Your main items that you really do NEED at this time in your life is really being paid for by your parents while you are really living them while attending school and they are maintaining the home for you for this purpose and time in your life.

    The child must not have provided more than half of his or her own support for the year.

    Total support includes amounts spent to provide food, lodging, clothing, education, medical and dental care, recreation, transportation, and similar necessities.

    Generally, the amount of an item of support is the amount of the expense incurred in providing that item. For lodging, the amount of support is the fair rental value of the lodging.

    Expenses that are not directly related to any one member of a household, such as the cost of food for the household, must be divided among the members of the household.

    No it is NOT possible at all at this time in your life so just on your life and enjoy the help and support that you are still receiving at this time in your life and complete your education for this purpose and time in your life.

    Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 11/30/2012

  • rtfm
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    8 years ago

    Not true.

    First of all, you MUST include your parents' income on your FAFSA if you are under age 24. Period. That's the way the system works. Even if your parents aren't claiming you as a dependent, you must still report their income.

    Second of all, you ARE a dependent of your parents. You most certainly do NOT "pay for everything by yourself". You don't pay for the rent or mortgage for the home you live in, you don't pay the electricity, or the heat, or the cable, or the internet, or the phone, you don't pay your own medical bills, you probably don't buy your own personal care items and cleaning supplies, and you are UNDER AGE 18. That in itself is enough to make you a dependent.

  • 8 years ago

    You are not paying for everything yourself. You are not paying for the home in which you live. Even though you share it with the rest of the family, it still counts as something that your parents provide for you.

    If you pay for over 1/2 of the total of everything, including your housing, you health insurance, etc., not just of the things that you mentioned, then you can claim yourself.

  • 8 years ago

    No. Your mom could choose not to claim you, but you still would not be able to claim yourself.

    "Therefore I am paying for everything by myself" - except for the house payments, the utililities, etc, which is the vast majority of your support.

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  • sheets
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    4 years ago

    you probable would desire to get legally emancipated which does not be all that problematical to do for the reason which you have already got a activity residing mutually ability somebody is paying the hire, utilities and the maintenance of the family contributors you reside in till you're paying your share of those fees the brother helps you in Calif. the exemption quantity for a based became $315, how a lot did you think of you have been due

  • Judy
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    8 years ago

    Uh, everything? Who pays the rent or house payment, utilities, things like that? If your parents pay all that, you are not supporting yourself and can't claim yourself.

    If your mom CAN claim you but doesn't, no you can't claim yourself.

  • tro
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    8 years ago


    not unless you are legally emancipated

    support includes rent, utilities, food, clothing, medical, entertainment and transportation(and not buying a car or the car insurance)

    fortunately you are paying for a lot of things you want that your parents may not be able to provide you but that is not 'support'

  • 8 years ago

    Really, you pay everything by yourself because the way I see it, you pay mostly "extras" by yourself... the things that costs big money like housing, medical bills, clothing, etc is paid by someone else (aka your parents).

    no you are not eligible to claim independent.

  • Zzz
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    8 years ago

    I think that your parents need to claim you, but you might be able to claim your self as well......ask the tax people (irs)

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