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Can you take your phone to the us airforce basic training?

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    you can take it with you. But they will take it from you until graduation. Sometimes if you're good, they reward you by allowing you to use it for a few moments on your down time.

    Source(s): U.S.Army Disabled Veteran 19K20 M1A1 Abrams Heavy MBT 1990-1996
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    You can take your phone to any Basic training, or Boot Camp.


    That doesn't mean you can use it. They will take it from you, and keep it till your graduation.

    I believe Coast Guard and Air Force Basic have liberty days near the end of training, where you may get your phone. Other than that, they keep it till you graduate.

    Source(s): My friend is at Army OSUT for Infantry, he got to use his cell for thanksgiving, they gave his training unit a liberty pass, but when he started training again they keep it from you.
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    Yes, and during basic training they allow you to use your phone to make phone calls home, your phone will be locked up when your not allowed to make a call. Technically they say you will have 15 minutes a week to call home, but its up to you T.I when your allowed to use your phone. Also its only for phone calls, no texting, no picture mail, no internet.

    Here is the Factsheet from about cell phone usage during basic training.

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