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I invited my friend over to dinner today. When she got there and sat at the table my mom instantly looked at my friends arm. (My friend got a tattoo 2 weeks ago of a little heart). My mom said "Oh I see you got a tattoo.." and my friend said "yeah its a cute little heart". Then my mother said "Oh... I see that..... I would never ever let my daughter get a tattoo because its very bad for your skin. Then she said I hope you know its permanent, and you can never get the little devil off." After my friend left my mom said "That was a really stupid idea, if you ever get a tattoo I'll never forgive you."

Anyways would you be mad if your Mom said that to your friend?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I'd be livid. It's an inappropriate comment to make to a guest. She can dislike the tattoo, but she should have waited until your friend left your home to make that comment. She was rude and she insulted your friend. She's supposed to be the adult, yet she acted so immaturely. Shame on her.

  • I'd be PISSED if my mom said that, honestly. That's EXTREMELY rude. For some reason, in our society, people think it's perfectly acceptable to make fun of or look down upon body modifications, as if they are somehow a "less valid" form of style. Would it be ok if she went up to your mom and insulted her hair or shirt? Of course not. The same should go for body modifications.

    In simple terms. Yes, she's being rude to your friend and also, she's being rude to you by telling you she'll "never forgive you" if you got one.

  • 8 years ago

    Well I am on both sides of this. It is not your mother's business that he had the tattoo on his arm and her commenting about it. However, she is right about not being able to get rid of the tattoo, One a person gets a tattoo on their body it is permanent, and only possible way to get rid of it is plastic surgery.

  • Sesshy
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    8 years ago

    That's just not considering the guest and being blunt. I wouldn't like it if my mom said that to a friend.

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  • .
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    8 years ago

    yes, your friend isn't an idiot that she wouldn't know that tattoos are permanent or whatever...and it was a little heart not something weird like vampire bites.

  • Miaow
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    8 years ago

    It was a bit offensive, but I can kind of understand why she would say that.... However, I don't think she should have made that comment.

    Especially since she was a guest...

    Yes, I would get upset.

  • 8 years ago

    Well she is right but yes I would be upset because she could have just talked to you in private after your friend left.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    She had a valid point. But she should have left the devil out of it. It's not That serious...

  • 8 years ago

    your friend wasnt asking for your mothers opinion so she shouldnt have given it.

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