Can Mormons date outside of their religion?

So there is this new kid at my school. He is a football player and I am a cheerleader. I think her is super cute and I have heard nothing but nice things about him. I found out he is Mormon and I am unfortunately not. I like him and want to maybe talk to him but I don't want to waste my time if he can't date me. I have friends who are Mormons and they date people outside of their religion but I am not sure about this guy. I know he doesn't curse and he goes to church avidly.Because I have Mormon friends I have heard a lot about their religion and have a lot of the same morals and beliefs. Do you think he can maybe talk/date me? Thanks!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Mormons can date outside of their religion . . . I suppose that you would have wanted to date a member of the Branch Davidians when they were around. They are very similar, and I sincerely doubt that he will date you without ulterior motives, such as converting you to his magic underwear, dead works cult.

    Ammon said that using the C word is like using the N word . . . I am sure that he wouldn't object to using it as applied to the followers of David Koresh. At least they didn't have magic underwear.

  • Ammon
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    8 years ago

    Dating and getting married are two different things. Mormons are not Vampires that can't date humans or something like that.

    So if you are thinking in terms of friend type of dating, then that would be great. But long term husband and wife kind of dating for a devout Latter Day Saint Mormon???

    Not very likely. Possible, yes. But it is a long shot. Temple worthy Mormons marry other Mormons over 90% of the time in the United States. This is the highest intermarriage statistic of any religion by a good margin in the United States.

    On the other hand being friends is a good thing to be. No reason the two of you can't be friends. And you never know, every once in a blue moon these kind of relationships do result in something lasting.

    Expect friendship, nothing more and nothing less, though.

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    God bless.

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    Since I'm a teenager and an active Mormon, I can tell you for sure that as long as you have high standards and you are not considering going after him to marry him, it's perfectly fine that you go out with him. I have a bunch of non-Mormon friends. The reason that some people say that you "shouldn't seriously date a Mormon if you aren't one" is because Mormons have temple marriages and those are really important to them because they are eternal marriages, and if you aren't Mormon, you can't enter a temple unless it is an open house. There is absolutely no problem (or at least there shouldn't be if he understands this principle) that you should befriend or date him. By the way, who wouldn't want to go on a date with a cheerleader :)

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    yep. my boyfriend is mormon and i am not, however, i think that it is different for each family and how strict they are... technically they arnt supposed to date until they are 16 and my boyfriends parents were fine with him dating before. so i would see if he has dated other girls yet and if they are mormon or not. hope this helps!

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  • sheets
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    4 years ago

    possibly your friends are confusing worthiness to pass to the temple with elitism, using fact not even all Mormons can enter the temple. we would desire to have a temple advise signed by utilising the two a member of the bishopric and the stake presidency. the objective of the Temple is to furnish a place sacred adequate to make the main sacred of covenants with the Lord. people who're considered worth adequate to pass into the temple are people who've already won the 1st covenant of baptism, and adult adult males have won the priesthood, and are prepared to make and save the covenants made in the temple. in addition they might desire to be worth, which ability they have no unresolved sins. The temple is sparkling and organic, the persons who enter would desire to be sparkling and organic, and spiritually arranged to pass into it. In my relationship years, I went on a pair of dates with non-Mormons, yet i found out i wanted to marry somebody who shared an identical religious dedication to God that I had and that meant a desire and willingness to make and save temple covenants, so I dated completely LDS after that. i think of that is notably widely used and clever for persons of despite faith, to choose to spend their existence with somebody who shares an identical ideals, distinctly people who strongly have self assurance what they do. possibly the daughter observed that she and her boyfriend could by no ability be spiritually like minded and that doesn't be adequate to construct an enduring relationship on.

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