Teen life in Abu Dhabi? (UAE)?

What do teens like to do in Abu Dhabi..or what is there to do? Are there any "white" people i guess i can say...i don't know what to expect honestly im going there soon! Do people listen to country music by any chance?...whats a good American system international school in Abu Dhabi.


how is expat life....

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  • 8 years ago
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    Malling,malling & malling. lol Teens here dont even know what country music is,mostly they're only listening to hiphop & pop.

    PS. Teens music & activity choices are depending if they're Arabs or Europeans/Americans.Arabs they tend to go to mall,school & house only whereas Europeans/Americans are more free to do what they like and have more knowledge & options about songs/music.Expat life here is very good but not as carefree as their lifestyle in their home country.

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    4 years ago

    They stability one yet another out in my opinion. In Abu Dhabi, income is a lot more effective than that in Dubai. Abu Dhabi also has The ferrari international, which i visit -inshallah- be travelling. *_* shifting on. Dubai has the international's tallest tower, and the dubai mall that are 2 of the appropriate issues in Dubai. i like Abu Dhabi, yet Dubai is my homeland, i like my homestead city. x)

  • 8 years ago

    There are many American Schools in Abu Dhabi... Please check this link http://gulfstay.com/blog/american-schools-uae

    You will find people from all countries in UAE... Yes there are whites too..

    You will find people with interest in any kind of music.

    For entertainment there are theme parks http://gulfstay.com/blog/list-amusement-parks-uae


    And if you are above 21 you can enjoy the clubs too : http://gulfstay.com/blog/night-life-dubai

  • 8 years ago

    good life , many "" white "" people there too

    good american sylabus schools also there

    nothint much to do normally except roam the malls

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