Board game from early 1990s', tree with magnetic bugs and frogs, anyone remember or any ideas?!?

I got this from my Aunt as a Christmas gift in the early 1990s' (92-94ish probably) and I can't find it in my attic, and I can't find anything online about it!

I remember it being like Hungry Hungry Hippos, only there were 4 ''tree frogs'' sitting on lilypads, they were colored...yellow/pink/blue/red (or maybe he was green..). And there was a tree base in the center, that was battery powered, and magnetic. You placed little magnetic "bugs" on the tree, and you took your frog, and his tongue came out when you pushed him and "ate" the bugs first person who collected the most won. Any ideas on what this was or does anyone remember?!!! Thanks.

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