Is my Shin Bone broken from a sports injury?

Ok, so a couple days ago, in gym class, I was playing field hockey with my friends. I was hit really hard in the shin with a stick. I immediately grabbed my shin and fell to the floor. I put an ice pack on it for about 15 minutes then played another 3 minute game. (I didn't touch the ball much since I was goalie.) But now it still hurts. It looks like a little scratch with a small slightly pink area surrounding it. But it hurts whenever I walk, run, jump or even just stand on it for too long. It hurts REALLY BADLY when you touch it. So, is it broken?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You'd know it if it was broke. You wouldnt have been able to walk much more run on it if it was broke! you probably just bruised the bone. Ice it every night and keep off it for awhile. Have your mom or dad write you a not to sit out of gym for awhile. If worst comes to worst go to the er

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