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My stomach burns why?? Help!?

Everytime i take a bite or something or drink whether is it water, milk, or food my stomache burn/hurts then i feel like it rises up to my middle of my chest. It doesnt hurt to the point i am on the floor crying but it burns i feel it. I noticed i have to eat slowly because if i eat in a normal pace and swallow it burn and bad. Could that be an ulcer??

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    Could be suggestive of....The start of a peptic Ulcer OR Major Hydrochloric Acid in the stomach. WHAT NOT TO DO......Never lie down flat, this only encourages the acid to RISE. Sleep semi upright, to prevent what I just mentioned. Avoid foods that are rich in ACID, this only COMPOUNDS and adds to the acid already in the stomach. You need a NEUTRALIZER, similar to Milk of Magnesia. If still see your doctor. best wishes. see below. **ps** Adding to this, ignoring the pain to the endth degree is not a solution, in fact, the extra acid can mean a hole through the stomach wall.

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    You should go to the docotors to check it out if that bad or just might the acid in your smoach building up

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