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How to deal with extreme pain?

I have recently had an ACL reconstruction and the scar tissue in my knee has hardened making it impossible for me to fully extend or retract it. If the scar tissue isn't broken up within a week or so i have to go back into surgery and will end up with various complications for the rest of my life. I'm 17 and my father and a close friend have agreed to force my knee (as the doctor said to) to straighten and bend which the doctor gave us an example and i was screaming in agony. Personally i'd say i'm a pretty tough guy after the initial tear, surgery recovery, breaking my shoulder blade, and having my dog bite off one of my fingers, but none of those compare to the pain i'll be enduring soon. So i ask if there is any way to help lessen or control the pain. (I'll already be using very strong pain pills but from what i have researched they only help slightly) I'll be going through this at least 3 times a day and am not mentally prepared for the pain. Please no stupid answers.

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    I have a spine injury and I use this site


    Good luck with the rehab,, I hope the pain lets you go at some point,, I've been in pain for over 13 years and every day tests you

    And it's hard to believe a doctor would say it is acceptable to force anything,, that just doesn't sound right

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    The scar tissues isn't the problem, skin has a lot of give to it, even scar tissue. Even if it didn't the skin would stretch out to allow you to move properly. You can ask most moms about how easy skin stretches. The pain is from tightness in the muscles that are around your knee to cause the pain and are keeping it from moving properly. If you had those muscles freed up you would be out of pain in a heartbeat. The dr.'s don't do those releases, instead they like the surgeries. I've released those muscles before for under a hundred bucks. How much does your dr. get for his surgery as well as messing up your leg forever? But think about the skin stretching above all and ask how that isn't possible or why the skin next the scar tissue doesn't stretch out to give you relief.

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    I've been in pain for 20 years from a gunshot wound and couldn't take most of the resulting agony that racked my body almost daily for all that time.

    Until I got a T.E.N.S unit, which stimulates my damaged nerves by sending a tiny amount of electricity through my back, I was in pain that stopped me from living a halfway normal life.

    if anyone ever figures out how to manage screaming pain that comes from nerve involvement due to trauma, I'll be the first one in line to find out how they do it.

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    See if they can give you something stronger, I understand your already taking strong pain pills but if they're not working you should get something that will. Try not to do any activity that makes it worse, and try making a pain chart that tells what makes it better/worse and if the pain pills are working or not. That always helps the doctors believe you. Good luck, hope you feel better soon

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