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Yeast infection or just too much sex?

My boyfriend and I have been having protected sex a lot lately, we will sometimes have sex 2-3 times a day, I noticed the other day that it was a little painful when we had sex and my vagina is ichy inside and outside and its very sore. Could this be a yeast infection? I have no discharge or burning when I pee, just itchiness and soreness...or could my vagina just need a break from too much sex?

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    Sounds like a yeast infection to me. First time I got it, I had the same symptoms as you, itchy but no discharge or burning. Second time I had one, I had discharge and ithciness. There is a medicine at the store you can buy called Monistat. It's the number 1 doctor recommended medicine to treat yeast infections.

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    cld be yeast infection. Try monistat and see if it helps. But, you're not supposed to have sex with it dont think..try lube during sex

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