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Should I just Forget about him?

I have known this friend for six months now. I like him a lot compare to my other guy friends. However, recently he has been distance ever since I ask him if he is trying to date me. He responded no. So i kept it as friends. Then last month he got drunk and said that he likes me a lot and tried to kiss me several times, but I pushed him away telling him that he will not remember. I was sober since I was his driver. The next day he said he does not remember what he did or say that night.

Then this month he got drunk and I drove him home. When I took him to his apartment he told me he knows i like him and he likes me. He told me how he knows there are other guys have been trying to ask me out and that it did not cross his mind why he has not asked me. He think I would be a good girl friend and hugs me and tells me to look in his eyes. He even says "I love you even though you are a little crazy." He tells me to be a woman and if I like him to take action. I told him be a man and say this when you are sober. He tells me to stay and i said no.I told him if you really want to talk, we will talk when you are sober. When I left him, he text me negative sayings like "i will drink myself to sleep, you hate me alas, hope you have fun with you ugly arthritis boyfriend, and everyone f off you paganism" - I don't have a boyfriend first of all , but I know he was drunk so i text "pls call me when you are sober and I don't hate you"

The next morning he called saying he does not remember a thing and ask me to tell him what happen and how he ended up back at his apartment. I told him to first read all the text. Then I told him up until i brought him back to his apartment where he cuts me as he does not want to hear what he said to me.

What bothers me the most is he does not apologize for his rude text, does not thank me for driving him home, and does not want to hear what he said to me that night.

Since he was in such a drunk state, is his words his honest thoughts about me? Does he really dislike me and wish such mean things? Or does he like me? I just wonder which is true. When he is sober he does not talk to me much now. I am confused. Should I just forget about him?

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    This guy has problems. First off, he drinks too much. And obviously when he drinks he binge drinks, which is not good. He also turns into a completely different person. What if you date him and when he gets drunk he turns into a completely different person and harms you or something like that? This guy needs to get his **** together, and you need to find someone who knows they want to be with you. Don't waste your time with someone who doesn't even know what they want.

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    Forgiveness is stable bit I in simple terms forgive and unwell by no ability act an identical around them my mom used to hit ne whilst i became 3 and that i don't have faith her I do something at the back of her back so I in simple terms forgive yet I additionally ignore!

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    Ok, this guy is a tool. Yes he dose remember what was said, he is lying. He gets a little drunk and feeling frisky and wants some booty and gets pissy when he dont get it.. The dude is using you. move on.

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    I agree with Sejhn..Partly cause he's hot.

    Anyhoo I think he's not man enough, like you said.

    He's probably a bit lonely and depressed to start with

    Then he's probably so so embarrassed that he did that.

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    He's for sure not worth it.

    Forget about that guy.

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    tuwk tew heem.

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