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Can i sleep with acuvue one day contacts in?

I wear 1day acuvue moist lenses but i am really lazy in the morning. is it okay for me to put a new pair in the night before and sleep in them and wear them the next day?

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  • Ed
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    8 years ago
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    No. If you are too lazy to properly care for your eyes, then you are too immature to wear contacts.

    That's a straight forward answer.

    As one of the Opticians on this board, I can tell you we get tired of hearing all of this because we see it too often when people come in with eye infections because they are too lazy to take proper care of their eyes.

    If you can't use them properly, then, don't wear them.

    Pure, plain, and simple.

    Source(s): Board Certified Optician and Lab Tech
  • AI
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    8 years ago


    Even if the DR says its ok. contacts aren't natural and you certainly don;t need them in when your sleeping. Give your eyeballs the night off.

    Also, if you ever do sleep with contacts in. Make sure to put in eyedrops and wait a few minutes before taking them out. You can tear your cornea if you don't.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    No, your eyes need oxygen to be healthy, sleeping in contact lenses is very bad for your eyes.

    Depriving your eyes of oxygen is the worse thing you can do to your eyes, it can cause damage.

    Sleeping in contacts and over wearing them allow bacteria to grow in your eyes. some people can even get a painful cornea ulcer and someone yesterday said they need a cornea transplant because of a cornea ulcer.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    NO. You will wake up with blood shot red and painful eyes. My doctor told me that if I fell asleep in them my eyes were like that to come in and see them. Your eyes rapidly move around when you sleep causing your contacts to dry out and stick to your eyes. Plus you will have had them in for approximately 8 hours and you can only wear them for 12 hours a day so it's a waste even it were ok (which it's not)

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  • 8 years ago

    If you want to sleep in your lenses, there are much better choices. Not they are not designed to be slept in.

    Source(s): optometrist
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