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Why do I always have nightmares?

For about 7 months, after my dad's friend passed away, I've had nightmares every single night. I'll wake either crying or screaming. They stopped for about a week after my fiance proposed to me, but then they came back after he mentioned my ex boyfriend who passed away three years ago. I honestly don't have a clue why I have them. Sometimes I'm terrified to sleep. Is there anything I can do to stop them?

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    Yes, this is a very common problem for many people. Before you go to sleep I recommend you listen to soothing music, followed by happy thoughts, and finally the colder the room is the more increased chance you're likely to have nightmares.

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    too much sleep and depression causes nightmares.

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    i think your trying your hardest not to think about it, witch is a bad idea. i think you should sit down with someone you trust and talk it out and see if that helps, :)

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