pee stain in my but help !?

so i fell asleep and i wake up with a wet feeling and i touch my but and my pants felt wet i thought it was a period stain but it was pee ?so i just went to the restroom and just changed my pants and then it happened again i had another pee stain is this normal ? because i got school tomorrow too and i dont want to have a pee stain .please help! l:

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  • 8 years ago
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    Consult your Dr. You should not be leaking urine unless you have a weak bladder or are on medications with a side effect of incontinence. I'm assuming your young so it's probably not medication related. Do you have the urge to pee or are you just suddenly wet? Any other symptoms? Let your Dr know in the morning.

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    4 years ago

    1Use white paper towels to blot as most of the urine as you could. verify you blot somewhat than rub to stay away from greater injury on your carpet or upholstery. Step 2Rinse the area by utilising pouring an entire glass of unpolluted water over the stain. Step 3Use greater white paper towels to blot up the urine and water. Step 4Repeat steps one to 3 till the paper towels do not take up any yellow shade. Step 5Scrub the stained area with a broom and a few carpet purifier. Step 6Spray with carpet purifier back then get rid of with a vacuum purifier following the educational on the can of carpet purifier. Step 7Spray an scent remover over the stained area.

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