The Zombie Apocalypse - why do people think it's real?

The zombie apocalypse has been a huge issue for a while or so, but it's gotten worse as of 2012. Well, that's what I believe in the teenage world. Anyways, people constantly act like it's going to happen. They actually mentally believe that the Zombie Apocalypse -WILL- happen. Here's my question for you, do you believe it will? Why or why not?

I honestly don't believe it will, but state your opinion. It's a free country in America. State as you please. But my beliefs are that it's physically impossible to generate a being as a Zombie or a "Bio-hazard" as Resident Evil states.

But don't you think it would be in fact physically impossible for a dead being to "walk to Earth"? The only purpose which is to feed on human life. I could compare those to mosquitoes but they actually live. The only part of which I can recall of "the dead walking on Earth" (pardon my Christian view) is in the Bible God rose the dead. I can't remember which chapter in fact that happens in.

Also another valid point is in Revelations it never mentions the "Zombie apocalypse" at least that's what from I remember. Unless there is some type of religious belief that this will happen. I don't entirely understand why people would be so ignorant towards believing this. Then again, some people believe anything they hear.

Another fact is; Wouldn't it be physically impossible for a zombie to generate? Let's consider here.. Do zombies have brains? They must considering they have reactions towards certain situations. For example, if a person walked by, they'd run after them. If they shot them, they'd only get angrier and more motivated to kill that person. Now if they did, how would they move? I'm fairly aware there is a disorder called "Congenital insensitivity to pain" which means humans feel no pain. But don't they react to things? Such as hearing, sense of smell, eyesight? Zombies do that too, but they're dead.

Another fact of this disorder is some don't have the "Corneal Reflex" which means they can't blink. In movies, I've never seen a zombie blink whatsoever.

But how can one react feeling no pain? Does reactions begin with the nervous system up into the brain? But if the nervous system existed in their bodies, how do they feel no pain? I know I'm over thinking this, but it won't get out of my head. It doesn't make sense to me. Why does someone simply believe this? All it takes is just to analyze certain subjects of this matter and believe what you believe.

Another question is, who created the zombie? Who's idea was it? Did they create it out of cartoon thought with no logic to it? Or did they actually have critical thinking to a Zombie? And why was the idea of the Zombie Apocalypse brought into play? Is there a religion that believes in it? Or was it just a rumor?

(Also I'm in High school and some of my facts may be mislead or wrong)


Most of these answers have been interesting and I'm enjoying them :) Especially the link to I read that and another link on there of why people want the zombie apocalypse to happen.

Thanks for the feedback so far :D

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    Zombies have been popular for a long time, but never quite THIS popular. Every video game now has a zombie mode, that Walking Dead show is all over the channels, it's just zombie-zombie-zombie wherever you go. Maybe kids need a break from the constant barrage of cross-dressing vampunks or something.

    The original zombies were taken straight out of mythical Vodou, with the magically reanimated corpse idea only used in the literal sense for the movies. The Serpent And The Rainbow (the book is better but the movie is more fun) gets into that really well if you're looking for some basic info on Vodou zombies.

    Then the new breed of zombies came around, the chemically-damaged human being. And you're right, that can't happen either - at least not on the scale everyone is talking about. Even though several chemical weapons and even a few illnesses might have zombie-like effects, there would never be a huge horde of brain-dead brain-eaters taking over the world. Anything that would damage a person's brain to zombie-level would definitely be fatal. No disease or chemical does that much damage and then stops, they all keep doing damage until the victim is dead. Not undead, just plain dead. And once someone reaches the mental level of a zombie, death isn't too far behind.

    And even if a zombie can't feel pain, it wouldn't be invulnerable. Their bodies would actually be in a very weakened state, and even if they weren't they'd be just as breakable as anyone else. Do bone or muscle damage to a zombie, and it stays damaged. And since it can't feel pain, it will actually make its injuries worse very quickly.

    Then consider their aggression and hunger for flesh. The only problem is this: With a brain functioning at zombie-level, there's no way it could ever tell the difference between an uninfected person and another zombie. That requires a level of thinking that zombies are incapable of. so they'd attack each other just as quickly as anyone else.

    But still, some people choose to believe it could happen. And why not? It's fun. There are people in here to really (or at least claim to) believe they can turn into a werewolf or vampire, so zombie believers kind of go without saying. It's harmless really. I'm 40, and I still like to play pirates sometimes!

    The only zombies I believe in are the ones with rum in therm. We pirates like our rum!

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    These are the same people who also believe in planet Nibiru and the world will end 21-12-12, and know doubt after that date there will be many excuses as to why they were wrong and will give a new date, total hokum. Zombies are a part of a few central American country's cultures where they have celebrations like day of the dead where they believe that it is a day where there loved ones will come back for one day a year, it is a large celebration with parades etc. Of course zombies are also a part of black magic from these countries, it is practiced where a person will take drugs and go in to a trance and it is thought that at that point they are a zombie until the effects of the drug wears off. Zombies as we relate to them today was born in the late 60s from a new wave of horror films, but they did not take the idea from any of the central American religions. Of course it is impossible for something that has been dead to spark back to life once all functions have ceased, both chemically and electrically in the body. Zombie's are just a evolution on the horror genre

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    Zombies movies were made for entertainment, not to state false facts. Maybe there could be some chemical that made a movie like zombie. My personal opinion, if it happens, alright. Id shoot some zombies til i died so be it. A "zombie" is actually a real thing but not the flesh eating zombies in movies. The flesh eating ones were made for entertainment and thinking about what to do in a zombie outbreak can be pretty fun/funny. Im 17 btw and it makes for good talk sometimes but im no prepper getting ready for it. What happens if it ever did in my life, ill have some fun before going down.

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    I don't think a lot of people actually believe this could happen. And it really couldn't. A zombie outbreak would fail quickly.

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  • 8 years ago

    Because we look toward the possibility of a world drastically different than our own. They just want to be prepared, and honestly, it just sounds a bit fun.

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    8 years ago

    A plague fused with anarchy would be an amazing thing.

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