My best guy friend just told me he likes me?

My best friend is a guy, and he just told me he likes me. I am kinda shocked. He knows who I like, and I just talked to him about the guy I liked earlier today. The thing is, I really want us to still be friends because he means a lot to me. What can I do to keep our friendship and how can make it so he doesn't like me in that way?

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    8 years ago
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    Asking here isn't the right way to start, let me tell you. If he's your best friend then you should be able to tell him that you don't like him that way, since you should trust him. But judging by the situation you described, it seems that he said it to you because he felt as if he had someone to comete with now. He's just trying to make the first move, or at least that's what it seems to me.

    I really doubt there's much of anything you can do in order to make him not to like you in "that" way, since you can't change people's feelings so easily. But you don't have to be rough on him, it's obvious that he told you because he was in a tight situation, so it may not have been the way he wanted it to be.

    Now, from what I have experienced, through my whole life as a 20 year old man, best-friend relationships are one of the best kind of relationships you can have. At a first glance it might seem odd, to take another step and to make a new kind of move with the person you always hang out with, or the friend you trust the most and feel most comfortable with, but isn't THAT what you look for in a relationship? Trust, love, and comfort in each other? Something that is almost guaranteed in a best friend.

    Although if you really are certain that you don't like him that way, then there's no point in any of it, you can't avoid hurting his feelings; that is an inherent aspect of these kind of situations.

    Yet again, there's no reason you shouldn't give him a chance, although don't let it get to your head and start abusing of blind love, because that hurts tenfold more. If you are going to deny him, then be concise. Don't go around saying like "it isn't the right time" or "maybe in the future", because that way you'll only create potentially false dreams and hopes. But if you are daring enough to take a step forward and give him a chance, I salute you. Because it's hard sometimes to go from "best friends" to "boyfriend and girlfriend", but believe me that it pays off, it surely does.

    Best of wishes and luck!

    Source(s): Personal experience.
  • 8 years ago

    This happened to me and well lets just say our friendship sucked after that but now were friends again :) tell him that he means a lot to u but u dont want to risk the friendship. U cant afford to lose someone that close. Dont act any different though, hopefully it'll just fade.

  • 8 years ago

    That's a really tough question, tell him you don't feel the same. He'll eventually get over it. Help him get a girlfriend so he won't be distracted by you. Then you guys can still be friends and have your own relationships with other people? :)

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    8 years ago

    Tell him your exact thoughts; you think it's sweet but you can't be in a relationship because you like someone else and you don't want to destroy the strong friendship that you already have. Answer mine??;_ylt=AiYyS...

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