Who owns the legal rights to a meme, a cool pic, or some funny or informational picture on the Internet?

I want to sell products on zazzle.com for a royalty fee but I do not want to get in trouble.


What about pictures that a special search engine gives you?

Haikudeck is an app that helps people make slide shows and presentations, it helps you find high quality photos of whatever you search for. Screenshots of a slide you make plus words in the slide make memes easy. Does Haikudeck own rights to these pictures? The whole point of the app is that you can use these slides in business to make money.

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  • 8 years ago
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    chances are, wherever somebody posted it the place pretty much owns it too.

    Source(s): People let you post pictures for a reason,you have to sign a waiver, to let them do whatever.
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