My grandma uses the guilt card on me?

her guilt card is my mom. My mom has three jobs and everytime my brother or i do something that pisses her off she always has to say stuff like oh how my mom works too hard for us therefor i shouldnt do this or i should do this.Im 16 and i feel like im growing up. I know im not there yet but as i get closer to 18, i care less and less about what my family thinks. Usually they have nothing nice to say. My mom is so obssessed with the S.A.T. if you lived with her you would think she loves the test more than you. I took it once without seriously preparing for it and got a 1520. I even got a 9 on my essay. Im only 500 points away from a 2000+. My grandma always tries to make my brother and i feel guilty that our mom works hard for us. She would put it as trying to get us to appreciate but the way she does it clearly is not right. She would say things like how we dont love her and this and that and she works so hard. But this may seem controversial, but arent parents suppose to work hard for their kids? I mean think about it. Its like, why should i feel guilty that my mom is providing for me. Thats her job as a mother. She brought me into this world so if she has to work just to provide for me then whos fault is that? I know it may sound rude but like i said, its controversial. I mean im not walking aroud with new jordans, new clothes or an iphone. My brother and i arent troublesome kids but somethinga the adults in our family do really gets to us. My point is i know my mom works hard for me. But i dont think its something i should feel guilty for. The way my grandma and my mom puts it is as if they are doing me a favor. All they are interested in is my grades, S.A.T scores and school in general. They dont really care about my wellbeing. I can walk past either one of my parents any amount of times in the day, i dont get a hi, how was your day. Im the one to do it to them! To them i am my grades. Even with my dad, our relationship is bad if im not getting stellar grades.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Maybe they want you to succeed so you won't have to have a million jobs to take care of yourself and maybe your family that you could have in the distant future...Just be glad you still have your family in your life many people don't even have that...All I had growing up was my mom and grandpa cause my grandma died, my sister died, I never met my dad cause hes a piece of **** and I was never close to my other family cause they always treated me like an ugly step child just cause I wasn't a snotty ***** like them.

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