What to talk to girls about?

What's a good subject that teenage girls love talking about with teenage boys like me (other than themselves)? Please list as many topics as you can. Thanks.

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    8 years ago
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    1. Get her to talk more.

    2. Show that you are listening and really listen.

    3. Flatter her and use humour to become successful. Like, honest to God. If you're funny you become 5 times more attractive GAAAH!!

    4. Relax. Keep the conversation lighthearted and remember that she is just human and is nervous like you are.

    5. Stick to safe topics early into a relationship. Say stuff like, "What's for lunch tomorrow?", not "Hey, baby" and then throw yourself into a kiss.

    6. Start Instant messaging, social networking, and e-mailing take casual dating to the next level. Exchange screen names and profile user names and start talking. Technology like this can be especially useful to people who are nervous to talk face-to-face.

    7. Crack a joke or two. They are an easy way to see if she is interested. If it's a really bad joke and she laughs, then she is likely interested. Try to throw a casual joke in every now and then during the conversation.

    8. Respond to her body language. If she is getting bored she will look elsewhere and have her palms closed.

    9. Don't make fun of her! Teasing helps for casual moments with friends, but if you do it too much she'll think you're rude and sexist.

    10. Be yourself. There is no use trying to be a poser, because she will find out sooner or later, and if

    you are not being yourself, you might not meet the perfect girl for you because you were too focused on finding a girlfriend for the fake "you".

    Sorry this is so long, LOOOL.

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