Have you ever successfully gotten over your love for someone by replacing them with a new person...?

...right after a breakup?

(Let's say you were very intensely in love with them but it just had to end. Did that feeling ever go away?)

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  • ljwaks
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    8 years ago
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    It is always best to tie up the loose ends in a relationship, make peace with yourself, and heal BEFORE getting involved with someone new. Otherwise you are very likely to repeat the same mistakes and reproduce the same problems - without new skills to solve them.

    But ultimately the way you get past a failed relationship is to heal and get back into life and find a new love.

    Your feelings about an ex may in time completely disappear. But they may not - they may have been valid at the time - your ex probably had many good features or you wouldn't have been attracted in the first place. So you can and should cherish those feelings and the good times you shared, but not confuse them with the pathological need to re-activate the relationship.

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