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Can I put a song on YouTube if I bought it off iTunes?

I want to know if I can put a song on YouTube if I boght it off iTunes. Me and my friend are making a YouTube video and we want to put gangman style for the backround music but I don't know if I can. By the way my YouTube channel is blueninja774. Please check it out.

Thanks : )

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    Buying a song on iTunes does not give you absolute rights to it or its usage. Having said that, YouTube videos using licensed music in the background are in a bit of a grey area. It depends on if PSY's record label has a relationship with Google that allows limited usage of its music with YouTube videos. However, to be safe (and to not risk having your video account be suspended), I would not upload a video with "Gangnam Style" in it.

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    Yes but you must put in that you put the song in

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    copy the song, paste it onto any file... import during editing

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