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Dog crys and is scared of crate?

I got a new dog a few weeks ago. When we got the dog they told us he was 2 1/2 years old. Which was perfect for us, he wouldn't have tons of energy but would still have some puppy in him. Only to find out from our dog train and personal vet the dog is closer 1 years old.

Anyway, on to the problem that I'm having, he has figured out when he goes in his "room" he gets locked in. Now whenever I try to go over there he runs the other direction or will run up to me but I can't get him in there, even with treats. We don't use it for punishment, only when we have to leave the house. So after dragging him across the floor and into his "room" he barks and crys. I feel so bad leaving him. I tried dogtv (he ignored it), a blanket over part of his house (he somehow managed to rip it apart), I tried taking for an hour and half walk so he would just sleep (did nothing), Filled it with toys (he ignored them)I talked to my neighbors but they claim they only hear him when they are outside the house (we share a common wall) but they haven't complained yet.

I can leave the room and he is fine, I tried putting him just in the kitchen, same problem. However, if I give him full range of the house he is fine. The only problem is he gets into EVERYTHING and pees everywhere. Yet, when I'm home he tells me when he has to go outside and he can hold it from 10pm until 6am.

I'm out of ideas of what to do so he doesn't stress out so much when we leave the house and he in his "room" or our large kitchen. Any suggestions?

One more thing, we are starting training classes this week.


At night he does sleep in our room. Only 1 day a week I am gone for 8 hours the rest of the days its 0-4 hours.

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    The training classes will help...I'm sure you can ask them for some suggestions. Do more in house training with him now, make the room a happy place for him. Give him a kong with peanut butter when he's put away, it'll keep his mind off of being in there for a bit. You could also try feeding him his meals in the room. Also, while you ARE home make sure you put him in there for a bit as well. The training should be done both while you're home and while you're out - you don't want him to always associate going in the room with your family leaving.

    Don't adjust to your pup! He'll manage, it's only been a few weeks for him so he's trying to figure everything out.

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    8 years ago

    Let him sleep with you! He probably misses his mommy!

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