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Which language is best to learn: French or Portuguese?

For example, I speak both English and Spanish. Should I learn a third language? Which language gives a better understanding of cultures of the world?

Portuguese has more speakers in the world

French-is more studied as a second/third language


Only answers that say why will get 10 points.

Update 2:

Portuguese spoken in Brazil, a beautiful and diverse country.

French spoken as a second language in countries of Africa and Europe but I don't know if I will travel that far?

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    It is very much up to you. Do you like one over the other? French is more widely spoken than Portuguese. Do you like France and Quebec? French. Do you like Brazil? Portuguese. And as far as beauty goes, both languages are nice in their different ways. As a Spanish speaker, you would find ease with Portuguese (though you might confuse some words with Spanish words).

    To understand cultures of the world...well...take French. It is much more diverse (France, Quebec, Africa) compared to Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil, a couple places in Africa).

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    Choose the one that you are most interested in.It's always good to know other languages,so you should try to learn another language.I also speak both spanish and english,and last year I took french class.I thought that french was fun and interesting to learn.The 2 languages that you asked which are better are both langages that come from latin,spanish also comes from latin so the languages will be similar,that may make it hard for you to learn them.I would suggest to learn french because portuguese is similar to french,so if you know french you may be able to guess what some words in portuguese mean.

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    French has far more speakers, and countries/locations. No, you are wrong about Portuguese. It's not as widely spoken as French. Particularly if you count all the fluent/native speakers of French in Africa, where it's one of MANY languages many people speak...I know many people from former French colonies who speak their native language, several tribal languages, and French, as well as English, and most of them speak Spanish, too.

    Also, French is the international language of business, so...if you want to get into international business, French will get you further.

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    I prefer French myself because it's more "aesthetically appealing", I suppose (and it's my second language), although unless you're just a language junkie, I would go with Portugeuse, since as you mentioned, it's more widely spoken. French is basically only spoken in France, with the exceptions like Quebec and a few African countries, so for the sake of arguement, it's not very useful unless you plan on going to France.

    If you're just having fun, then go with French. It's a beautiful language.

    However, if you're wanting the usage out of it, go with Portugeuse -- more countries speak it.

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    French is more spread out so for business reasons I would choose French.

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