Do you think an attorney is warranted in this hit-n-run case?

My boyfriend was rear-ended exactly one week ago at a stop light. He got out of the vehicle and laid on the grass because he was disoriented. A witness called the cops and reported the accident. A cop showed up and talked to my boyfriend. He remembered seeing the lady in his rear-view just before impact and she was wearing white ear buds in her ears (distracted driver). The lady who hit him was no where to be found. He ended up being put on a stretcher and taken to the ER. The Doc said he had a cervical strain "whiplash" and sent him home with pain meds. He was told to followup in one week. Well the cop collected statements and found out who the lady was within a couple of days. They were able to reach her at her residence but my boyfriends insurance adjuster was able to track her down and demanded her insurance information. She said she sat in the car waiting for someone to come talk to her but no one did so she left. She watched him get loaded in the ambulance on the stretcher and just stayed in her car. That is a lie because the cop went up and talked to her because she seemed suspicious. He asked her what she was doing there and she said she just got done eating and was just sitting in her car. Well my boyfriend is in terrible shape. He's throwing up and has migraines and can't turn his neck. He has to turn his whole body. We don't have the money for a Dr. and we don't know what to do. There's no Dr. around who will bill on a lien. He also hit his mouth on the steering wheel during the incident and a day later half his front tooth came out in the shower. He was mortified. He is self employed and runs his own sign making business. He has been out of commision for a week and losing customers. We barely made it to our thanksgiving dinner the next day because how much pain he was in. He was throwing up and dilerious the whole time at Thanksgiving and wasn't able to participate in any real conversation. There were relatives there he hadn't seen in 8 years and couldn't enjoy their company and vice versa. Also, when I got the call that he had been involved in a wreck and was bein taken to the hospital I told my four year old that daddy got in a car wreck and we needed to get in the car and go to the hospital. He immediately put his hands to his mouth and said "Oh my god! Daddys DEAD!" He cried the whole way there thinking his daddy died despite my efforts of calming him and saying daddy wasn't dead. He didn't get any relief until he got in the room and saw daddy was okay. His car suffered minor visible damage. A small dent in his bumper. But upon inspection the jolt of the impact broke the battery bar holding his battery in, ruin his fuel pump, crushed the can that was just sitting in the cup holder, and completely broke the reinforcement bar inside his bumper, and ruined the LEDs he had under his bumper. He's still in pain and we are trying to find a way to get him to a doctor. Is he entitled to any kind of pain and suffering? Also, is this a case where we should contact a lawyer? Any help would be appreciated.

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    No. Attorney's are only helpful when the insurance is being less than fair or refusing to pay for your losses.

    And I'm sorry, a bump that will only put a small dent in a bumper won't crush cans in the cup holder, nor will it cause him to hit the steering wheel. A hit in the back would throw his head back, not forward.

    Nor would any hit ruin a fuel pump. Sorry, but your story has holes big enough to throw a herd of cows through.

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    From your story, it sounds like BF has insurance. BF needs to make a claim with his own insurance company. His own insurance company will pay the medical bills, then make a claim against the lady's insurer.

    Alternatively, BF can enroll in your state's medicaid program. Medicaid will then place a lien on any monetary recovery your BF gets from the lady's insurer.

    And yes, contact a lawyer. BF is entitled to compensation for pain and suffering.

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    4 years ago

    there is in simple terms one answer on your question. confident, lawyer, lawyer, lawyer. Get a private harm lawyer. they only gets a commission in case you get a settlement for the injuries. And, the lawyer will deliver him to their docs which additionally in simple terms gets a commission in the journey that your boyfriend gets paid. How did the front end harm take place? became the automobile pushed into some thing? Like a tree, lightpole or different merchandise or automobile? this is the only way the front end harm might have exceeded off because of fact this became a rearend collision. the wear could be interior the rear and not the front. This became a "hit and run" twist of destiny. The so referred to as woman left the scene of the twist of destiny without speaking to all and sundry. Later she gave an excuse so she does no longer get in worry with police for beginning up and having a run and hit. in case you have collision insurance have YOUR vehicle insurance enterprise restoration or totall your automobile. For the wear area of the declare you may see an lawyer ASAP. I in simple terms advise lawyer's in a severe twist of destiny like this one. You honestly want an lawyer. commence calling to discover a private harm lawyer right this moment.

  • AI
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    8 years ago

    Sorry to hear about your BF.

    Make sure to get medical treatment. If the DRs won't treat with the insurance you have, call your auto insurance company and find out about emergery compensation so he isn't deprived of medical care. If you can't get it from them, get it from the lady's inusrance company. If neither will provide, call a personal injury lawyer.

    Make sure the medical treatment is there first. Then yes, call a lawyer for help getting restitution.

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