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How hard is it to get a "full ride"?

I am a HS student that wants to pay little to nothing for college (duh) and was wondering how hard it is to get one of these scholarships. It would be to University of Minnesota, Iowa State, or the dream of northwestern if finances allow. I take advanced and AP classes with A- or B+ avg. Any advice or other things to lessen college costs?

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    I'm not too familiar with those schools but many schools over Presidential Scholarships based off GPA, and other factors. Research what scholarships those schools offer. Also applying for FASFA's not much AT ALL but it helps a little. If you can't get a full ride with the school, start applying for as many scholarships as you can.

    Next step is take out a SUBSIDIZED LOAN.

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    literally impossible.

    there are tons of straight-A students that don't get "full-ride academic scholarships."

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