Why does my ex girlfriend keep talking to me all the time?

Long story short, I dated this girl, had sex on the first date, dated for a few weeks, cheated on her (I know I felt horrible), begged her for a second chance, got the second chance, evaluated my relationship and came to the conclusion it was best if I broke up with her so she can have a better man. Well, she talks all the time with me, and not just that, there's this guy who likes her, but she isn't dating him even though she says she likes him, like she's holding off. Why though? Why talk to me, and why not move on to someone better?

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  • 8 years ago
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    "...it was best if I broke up with her so she can have a better man."

    Oh, come on, what you really mean is you broke up so you could find a better girl.

    Anyway, she's still hanging around you because you dumped her for really no good reason (from her perspective), and she's wondering why. She obviously thought you had potential, since she forgave you, and her reward was the ol' heave-ho.

    Here's a question for you, though--why do you talk to her? If you want her out of your life, you've got to make that happen. Otherwise, it's a kind of passive indication that maybe you're having second thoughts about the breakup. (Are you?)

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