Why do Instagram Girls think I'm "Cute"?

So, I have an Instagram Page (it's @willandclay if you want to know), and I frequently get called "cute" and "adorable". This is a little weird because I'm never complimented by any girls that I know. Why do these girls think I'm cute when the girls at my school don't seem to?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Girls at school aren't going to say these things to your face. The Internet is different and the girls at school may have seen you grow up. Many students who have known each other since children tend to think of their schoolmates as siblings. Most girls don't go around saying a guy is cute to his face whom they see every day. In other words, don't take it personally. Do you tell girls at school they are cute? Do you go around saying this out loud to them? Humans are still basically the same, no matter how much changes. Girls still want guys to chase them and guys want to chase girls. Stop worrying about what girls think of you and start being the hunter and not the hunted. That's human nature.

  • Aw you're adorable. From a twenty-year old girl's perspective, you're really cute. But definitely not sexy or someone I would want to get it in with. That would make me a pedo. More like a younger sibling kind of cute. And I'm pretty sure the other girls mean the same thing

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