My husband breaks his phone?

my husband breaks his phone by the way i dont get along with him and then he wants to use my phone i dont want all his friends calling my phone how can i tell him oh so nicely not to use my phone also when i ask my husband to use his he wont let me borrowit.this happens every time.

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  • 8 years ago
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    You don't trust each other. Fix that!

    If you don't get along and you don't have any feelings left for each other, then just divorce and stop poisoning yourselves with resentment till the sunset of your lives! It ain't worth it!

    Get the responsibility for your own life and your own happiness.

    There are internal wars in both of you. I suggest you show him this answer and then have a talk.

    Source(s): I've been there before. Breaking free is worth the sacrifice! Be fearless!
  • 8 years ago

    Sounds like there are some trust issues there. On both sides!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    So him staying up 'til 3am finding at porn, does it stop him from getting up in the morning to pass to artwork or some thing? If not, i won't have the ability to work out how him staying up 'til that hour places him in the incorrect. think he desperate to pass grocery procuring at 3am somewhat? could the hour of the day make a distinction then? additionally, i'm assuming that he's watching it with a bowl of popcorn in his lap using fact if he's watching it on an identical time as masturbating, i think it rather is between the applications of porn and so he's unquestionably utilising it for its meant applications. Why could help be needed for that? on on your actual altercation. He rather do not have lied approximately watching porn, if he became certainly watching it. He would desire to've been guy adequate to declare, definite I watch it, i like it, and that i'm not ashamed of it. somewhat even with the incontrovertible fact that, he lies, probable to maintain you from fussing and take the punk's direction out. For that, you have each reason to be disillusioned. you have not any reason to be up in his face even with the incontrovertible fact that, and athough you probably did not say you have been, i won't have the ability to think of you yelling from around the room. yet whilst by utilising twist of destiny you have been, this is rather helpful to reassess being in that relationship using fact he's violent without aggravation. i don't experience that even with the incontrovertible fact that. I experience you following at the back of him, yelling, neck rolling, finger pointing, and a lot greater aggressive than in simple terms saying the words "stop mendacity." in spite of that, as quickly as he places his palms on you, no remember in case you incited him or not, you have been properly interior your top to strike back. actuality is, in spite of you status there yelling in his face, he would desire to've walked away. If he's powerful adequate to shove you and pass you from the place you're status, he's powerful adequate to stay away from you from combating him from walking away. yet you will desire to be in charge for changing his telephone. In a small claims courtroom, you would be held to blame using fact even even with the incontrovertible fact that he became mendacity or somewhat, you felt he became mendacity, you could desire to've additionally walked away. you could desire to've desperate which you probably did not choose to be in the relationship anymore and you left his mendacity a*s status top there. Legally, in case you injury somebody's sources with malice motive, you would be held in charge for changing or repairing it.

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