49cc/50cc California help?!!?

ok, I am a 15 year old citizen that does not have a permit and will not for 5 months. I was wondering if there is any way to ride a 50cc honda/yamaha/ kowasaki/ect. on the road or sidewalk (just putt around town with some friends) without a licence or permit. I would also like to know if there is any 49cc DIRT BIKES that are out there, AND NOT CHINA CRAP, ONLY BIG NAME BRANDS THAT YOU CAN GET REPLACMENT PARTS FROM (yamaha honda suzuki kowi((KTM PREFERED)). and if both the answeres are no is there anyway i can make a california PETITION to get the law changed to 50cc or 88cc (big bore KIT). I would also like to know if i can make the 50cc legal through like a permit, ill do anything. I REALLY HATE THE HONDA RUCKUS, and i would the 50/49cc vehicle to get to school everyday, which is 7 block away. I'll send barak obama a letter for heavens sakes. THANKYOU

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  • POLkat
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    8 years ago
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    Hi Colin,

    Hate to say it, but California is the BLACK HOLE for motorcycle owners. They are SO anal, that the industry has had to change ALL their bikes to meet California Law or be labeled "49 state legal" (which means all but California). They will not bend to legalize a dirt bike for the street unless it's pre-1973. In Nevada I saw kid's ridding their dirt bikes to-from school and all around town ...it was awesome!!

    Heck ya there's GREAT 50+ cc bikes out there! They're called 'pit bikes' for us bigger dudes and KTM puts out a zippy 50cc, but more for smaller kids. There's also companies that build aftermarket kits to make your 'little bike' have size/teeth like a big bike (BBR is one of the best).

    Sorry my man, sounds like California is squashing your hopes to ride right now! Lots of great dual-sport bikes (ride on & off road & are LIGHT like a regular dirt bike) out there though. I just bought a KTM450EXC ...I LOVE IT!! Feels like I'm breaking the law every time I ride it ...and yes, already tore off all the California legal crap!!! Increased Power by about 7hp!!

    Keep your riding dreams alive! My first bike at 15 was a Honda XL250r ...an on and off road bike ...I literally wore it out (hard to do) with thousands of miles on it! Great memories:-)

    Hang in there ...check online for 'pit bikes' ...most are about $1200 but the cheaper ones are the cheesy Chinease ones.


    Source(s): 30 yrs of all types of riding experience & teacher of all aged kids to ride PROPERLY!!
  • Dimo J
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    8 years ago

    You are in school. You should be able to find information on the Internet and able to read. Such as http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/calaw.html -- the California Law from the California Legislature.

    49cc/50cc doesn't matter. There is *nothing* in the code with a 49cc/50cc limit

    There is *NO* motorized vehicle you can legally ride on the sidewalk.

    There is *NO* motorized vehicle you can legally ride on the streets without a driver's license.

    You *CAN* ride a pedal bicycle on the streets now, legally. If you want a safer rider you should have been riding for *years* on your pedal bike in the streets.

    To ride legally, you need to pass Driver's Education and Driver's Training to get your motorcycle permit. You could have your permit at age 15.5 and you could legally solo on your motorcycle. You have to pass the CMSP Basic Ridercourse before you get your license. You could have your motorcycle license at 16 and you could ride with your girlfriend while your friends in cages need to have their parents in the car when they are on a date with their girlfriend.

  • johnm
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    8 years ago

    Good luck with the California amendment- that requires 80,615 signatures just to get put onto the next election ballot material. So far as I know, it isn't illegal to ride on private property with the owners permission (put in writing)- but that permission would likely be hard to get, as the owner of the property doesn't want to get sued if you crash. There are probably motocross parks where they have liability insurance (with your parent's permission) where you could ride. You are too young to vote, so it is also unlikely any politician will listen to you. But definitely try anyway, write or email your Representative and never give up!

  • 4 years ago

    California is huge and a warm/hot state, the financial system is getting bad there, price of living is higher, I loved the shorelines although..But i might no longer are living there.. BQ- Indiana is a first-class state from what I've read about and the Race track is there so possibly in the future i will transfer there..........◔◡◔.......

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  • 8 years ago

    What dont u understand about ''age limit''?

    If you cant ride until your 16 then wait. Go buy a grasser bike and play in the fields in the meantime.

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