Baby's sex at 13-14weeks?

Figured this wasn't something to bother my doctor about and I'd like to hear some real experiences. :)

I'm 12weeks pregnant now, and between now and being 16weeks, I'll be getting my referral to a specialist to get a 2D ultrasound. I'm guessing it won't be until 13-14weeks when I get the referral and make the appointment.

I'm just wondering, since it's a specialist, and 2D, but still pretty early in, if they would give me a guess of the baby's gender if I asked, or just automatically kinda give one. I heard somewhere if it's a specialist they're better at giving guesses but I don't know.

Either way I know it's not a 100% probably, but I'd like to see what he/she thinks. :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you're going before you're 16 weeks, chances are they won't even tell you what they THINK it is. Why? Because the baby's genitals only start differentiating at 12 weeks - which is why they tell you to wait until your Anatomy/Level 2 scan when you're 18-20 weeks when the baby is much bigger and the genitals are well formed.

    You can still ask but the sonographer (ultrasound tech) is not obligated to tell you, or may be required to NOT tell you. If you're seeing the doctor, again, you can ask, but he/she may only say that "It LOOKS like a ____" or "I can't say for certain" or "It's PROBABLY a _____"; or something to that effect.

    2D ultrasound is your standard grey-scale ultrasound btw.

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  • 8 years ago

    Well, I got an ultrasound done at 13 weeks and saw a penis lol, but they had to label it "probable boy" just in case he came out to be a she lol, but it was right! I now have a 2 year old son, so anything can happen when you go. If you don't see anything don't assume it's a girl though, could still surprise you with a boy! lol ;)

  • 8 years ago

    At 16 weeks I found out I was having a son. I went to a spa where I paid for the ultrasound myself so if it is routine they probably won't/can't tell you just yet. Good luck.

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    8 years ago

    It might just depend on where you live. Where I am from, they have a policy where they cannot tell you until you are 20 weeks. Here you can abort up to 20 weeks, and they dont want gendre being an influence for that, so unfortunatly- we wait until 20 weeks to book the scan.

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  • 8 years ago

    i just had a scan at 13weeks (now almost 16weeks) and we are so sure we seen a penis. but it depends where you live, alot of places wont even guess until you are 16weeks. the lady doing the scan never mentioned it at all because the cut off at the hospital is 16weeks

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